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When life gets blurry adjust your focus

Distractions seem to be popping up like spring flowers over the past month and I find myself being pulled away from my work to spend more time outside enjoying the nice sunny weather we are having right now. Winter lasted approximately 5 days, and really I don't feel like I'm exaggerating, and here we are jumping into spring and before you know it summer will be here. I've gotten off track and it's been so hard to pull my head into focus so last Sunday I made a pact with a friend that we will check in with each other every week to make sure we accomplished at least one of our goals and to set another goal for the upcoming week. I think it is so important to have friends that will support your dreams and keep you thinking positive because it's too easy to let negative thoughts drift into your mind and consume you. We all need a personal cheerleader routing for us! How about you? Who do you rely on to keep your thoughts positive?

Black and White Sunday- Week 72

"But they made me go in the mud!" 

"But they made me go in the mud!" 

It's Sunday and that means we are back again for another Black and White Sunday blog hop post! We have had the most incredible spring weather (sorry to rub it in for all of those getting hit by snow storm after storm) so we've been enjoying the sunshine this weekend! Here's a little girl that got a little too muddy at the dog park today and was not enjoying her bath at all!  Thank you to our hosts: Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever

Black and White Sunday- Week 71

NewfandHound- Nooner & Hazel Logging

Welcome back to Black and White Sunday, week 71 for NewfandHound! Thank you to our hosts, Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Please see one of their blogs for more information on the rules and how to join. 

Do you find yourself in a rut taking pictures of your dogs in the same places with the same expressions, resulting in similar looks week after week? I know that I do sometimes so I've found that 30 day challenge lists have been pretty helpful to pull me out of my rut. I work full time so I can't get out and shoot every day especially when I get home after dark, but before I head out on the weekends to try out new locations I look through a few lists to see if they'll spark an interesting theme that I can keep in the back of my mind. Here is a link to several 30 day challenge lists on Pinterest that you can use to mix and match and make your shoots more interesting:

DJ Track N Hound- When It Rains Look Up- Playlist

Nooner at Rodeo Beach on the teeter-totter!

Nooner at Rodeo Beach on the teeter-totter!

Welcome to the weekend! That means it is time for another playlist here at NewfandHound! It's been a long week but luckily we can end it with a smile because the rain has made everyone in northern California happy and in a better mood! It has been excruciatingly dry this winter so when the forecast shows we actually cheer! We did our own rain dance at Rodeo Beach near Fort Cronkhite beach in the Marin Headlands today and enjoyed the sprinkles while we walked around and played. It's one of the few off-leash beaches left and big enough that you have your space if you need it. (Fair warning though, you really have to be careful letting your dog swim in the surf because it is strong and several dogs have been swept out and people have drown trying to save them!)

I love to see the smile on Hazel's face when she takes off running on the beach! She seriously has the biggest grin and she gets Nooner going along with her. Before I know it they're racing each other down the sand playing which is unusual because they don't do it when we are on the trails so I know she's really enjoying it. She's in heaven smelling all the crustaceans that have washed up onto the beach and scanning for anything she can find that may be somewhat edible in her mind. It was a great morning and luckily it wasn't too cold so we stayed for a while just enjoying the sound of the crashing waves and waiting to see if the surfers would actually catch a decent wave.

I think the best part was driving around the Marin headlands though listening to my When It Rains Look Up playlist, and I have to say that I think this is my favorite one so far. These are all new bands to me so I hope you like them too. It's the perfect playlist for a rainy day whether you are driving or just relaxing at home. So here you go:

  1. Tickle by Eyes Lips Eyes
  2. Eileen by Tin Sparrow
  3. Oak Tree by Desert Noises
  4. St. Justice by Albert Hammond, Jr.
  5. Vultures Like Lovers by Wild Nothing
  6. You Should Do Better by Cut Off Your Hands
  7. Dreamin' by Feldberg
  8. Leather Glove by Love Inks
  9. In Transit by Albert Hammond, Jr.
  10. Get Up by Carousel
  11. Two Hearts by Keegan DeWitt
  12. Andre by Princeton
  13. I Can Hear The Trains Coming by Mathieu Santos
  14. The End by The Lower 48

If you can't see or link to the Spotify playlist let me know and I'll put up an alternative as well! Have a great weekend!

Black and White Sunday- Week 70


This is the Black and White Sunday blog hop post! Week 70 for NewfandHound! Thank you to our hosts Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever for setting this up for all of us every Sunday. Please see one of their blogs for more information on the blog hop and how to join.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been listening to photography podcasts like Improve Photography and now Full Time Photographer, but then I found a few great post-processing videos on You Tube by the wonderful Australian pet photographer Charlotte Reeves. I especially liked her Lightroom 5 Workflow tutorial and the Removing Colour Casts in Photoshop tutorial! The bluish tint the black dogs in some of my photographs have been driving me crazy so this video is a great way to get rid of those color casts and bring out the black in our dogs. Plus, I'm continuing my quest of learning more about Lightroom so to see how a professional culls through photographs quickly and efficiently is very educational.

One other blog post I read last week by Dana Cubbage (Post-Processing Workflow For Pet Photography), had a critical tip that was actually in one of the Improve Photography podcasts also: If you have a camera with two card slots, save your shots to each card so that you have a backup copy if one of your cards fails. Brilliant idea because cards can fail and then you are left with nothing! She also has some great advice on storing photos and file management that you may find useful also. Learn more about memory cards here.