Welcome to NewfandHound!

Meet Ernie, Hazel, Nooner, and Foyle!

Thank you for stopping by and reading more about NewfandHound! I'm Robin and I share my home with three miniature Longhair Dachshunds and for the past five years one lovable Newfoundland. We live in the San Francisco area (more specifically in the East Bay) which is the perfect dog-friendly area to explore and uncover new places. 

NewfandHound is a blog where I can share my photography as well as ideas and thoughts on how to make your pets more comfortable, engaged, and happy. I like to cover dog related events, products, DIY projects, interior design, and do an occasional review. Dogs have truly become an integral part of my family so I hope that my experiences and thoughts will not only give you a laugh every now and then, but will help you to make informed decisions as well.

About my dogs: (top to bottom in the photos above)

  • Nooner is a miniature longhaired Dachshund. 7 years old, and is Hazel's half sister. She's incredibly shy but loves the camera, acts as Hazel's "muscle", and is the most loving of all of them. She loves to sleep under the covers and scratch her head under our chins.

  • Ernie is a miniature longhaired Dachshund, 16 years old, and has a sweet, gentle temperament which got us hooked on the breed. We adopted him when he was 4 and has a special place in our hearts, not to mention our bed! Ernie is amiable and mellow, loves to go for rides in the truck, and insists on his 8:00 p.m. treat.

  • Hazel is a miniature longhaired Dachshund, 8 years old, and my one and only AKC Champion. She's aloof and independent, wants everything on her terms, is a great mouse hunter, and loves to hear a crowd clapping for her.

  • Foyle (Shown Below) Was the original Newf of NewfandHound that unfortunately passed away in January of 2014. He was a gorgeous, sweet boy that we were happy to bring into our lives five years ago. He's was a gentle, goofy boy, that loved his Dachshunds and always wanted to be with them. True to his breed he loved to be around people and give butt hugs, and was always up for an adventure about town. We found out he had chronic kidney failure when he was a year old and every day he was with us brought a smile, and occasionally some tears, but overall happiness knowing that he led a comfortable and happy life with his family.

A little about me: I am a Landscape Architect that dove into the world of dogs in 2002 when we adopted Ernie. Little did I know that 10 pounds of sweetness could lead me from one dog to four, and from picking out plants during the day to picking up a camera and learning an entire new craft. I've lived in the bay area for over 17 years, but now I get to enjoy this area with my dogs! I'm looking forward to establishing a pet photography business and sharing our dog-centric life with all of you!