Dog Puzzles

I've seen these dog puzzles by Swedish designer Nina Ottosson in a couple of different magazines so we decided to get one and see how The Three liked it. I've never seen Hazel go crazy for a dog toy before so it has been a big hit in our house! Nina has developed several puzzles at different difficulty levels to test and develop dogs' mental and motor skills. We picked one of the "easier" ones, the Dog Brick , to see how well they would do and because they're slightly expensive. Well, Hazel can now get all the treats out in about one minute so it's time to upgrade to the Dog Tornado to see how quickly she can figure that one out. There is a method now with The Three that we've seen come out every time we get out the dog brick. Hazel immediately goes for it, Ernie tends to avoid it when Hazel is playing because Hazel slammed his paw in the brick a few times, and Nooner waits by Hazel's side until she opens it up for her and then goes for the treats.


There's Nooner just looking for leftovers! She lets Hazel do all the work.

We've found that Paw Lickers Bakery and Boutique  is one of the least expensive places to find Ottosson's puzzles other than ordering it from overseas, and the shipping is very fast.