Kaiser Craft Fair

Kaiser craft fair 023 

For the past few weeks now we've been working hard at getting items ready for my friend Linda's craft fair that she holds at Kaiser where she works. Finally, everything is packed, priced and ready to go!  You can see the Top It Off crocheted pins, the Sammy Sacks and an assortment of letterpressed bags and cards.

It's amazing how much work it can take to produce only 9 pins and a few hair clips but I'm glad that it all worked out and I'm excited to hear back from Linda to see how the fair went.

I'll have items up on Ernie Loves Bananas soon after the Thanksgiving holiday along with a tutorial for the Sammy Sacks. 

Kaiser craft fair 020

I love the effects of the Noro Silk Yarn when you are creating flowers because the colors vary and you never know what the end result will be. They have such a wide variety of color schemes also, something to fit everyone. It's great for making flowers because it has just enough stiffness to keep its shape, yet is still soft enough to wear as a scarf or a hat.  

Kaiser craft fair 019  

This pin is my favorite because of the pattern and because I used my now-limited stash of Royal Llama Silk from Plymouth Yarn. So far I've only found it at Knitterly in Petaluma, Ca and in a little yarn store in Ferndale. It's made of 60% fine Llama and  40% silk and it's amazingly soft to the touch. Flattens out very well if you're making flowers or using a layered pattern. I highly recommend it if you can find it! I also use hand died ribbon from Hannah which you can find at Paper Source in Berkeley. They ususally have a pretty good selection in colors and widths available.