Four on the Floor











It all started with a picture from Vogue magazine that I had cut out and left on my dresser when we decided to get a dog. There was Valentino holding a longhair dachshund, one I had never seen before, but knew immediately that if we were going to get a dachshund then it would be a longhair.  As fate would have it the day we sent out an email to Longdog Rescue was the day we found out that Ernie was available and we could contact the breeder to go and meet him! It was love at first sight as he ran out to meet us and it was the beginning of a whole new world of dachshunds, training, vet bills, dog shows, judging, and the inevitable heartbreak. But now everything revolves around these three and we don't regret it at all. (From left to right... Nooner, Hazel and Ernie)


But we can't forget the Old Lady, Pandemonium, who passed away in March. Let's just say that the name fit the dog precisely. She was a tough girl who was up for anything and anyone and was definitely the alpha dog of the house. She put up a tough fight for the last eight months of her life and we tried everything we possibly could but she had had enough and her body let her know. You know you have a great veterinarian when he gives her a kiss goodbye also. Thank you Dr. Evans and your staff at Animal Care Clinic for all your help!

Pandi 2