Produce Bags

  2008-11-27 Thanksgiving 038  

  2008-11-27 Thanksgiving 036 

I've come across a site a couple of times now and one item caught my eye that i thought would make great little gifts this year. The Reusablebags site has some great options for....well...reusable bags for your shopping excursions or lunch time rendevous.  I saw the Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags and decided to make my own version to give out this year.  We can all get rid of that pile of plastic bags sitting at the end of the counter or under the sink and reuse produce bags now!  The final version is about the same size as the plastic bags in the grocery store (about 12"x 20") so it will hold the same amount. If they get dirty then just throw them in the wash!

2008-11-27 Thanksgiving 035  

Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley has some fun, fruity fabric by Robert Kaufman's Fruit and Vegetable line.  I wasn't able to find organic cotton but I did find some nice unbleached cotton that was a bit heavier so it should stand up to some heavier items.     

2008-12-14 Produce cover 

Here's the bag that they all fit in made from a few of the scraps, I still need to add a velcro strap so you can hook it to the front of the grocery cart while you are shopping.