Ernie's Wish List

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Ernie has very litlle needs, but every once in a while he is adamant about what he wants. Here is Ernie's top 5 for Christmas this year (along with a few more ideas from Hazel and Nooner)

Plato Pet Treats (yummy salmon! The stinkier the better)

The Fuzzy fleece jacket  (fits a dachshund like a dream)

Nina Ottoson's Tornado Game (Hazel's request but don't tell her I already bought it)

Nesting Bed (so they can all sleep in one bed comfortably)

Up Country Dog Collar  (snowflake one for winter) 

Peanut Did it Again print by Kachingdesign in San Francisco 

The Bus Stop print by Mariann Johansen-Ellis

Sleepy Dachshund rubber stamp set. (cute little milk and coffe stamp too)  

I'm sure there is more out there but I haven't had time to visit his favorite dog stores. I'll stop by Pugnacious Pet Provisions in Berkeley on Solano Avenue on Wednesday night and see if they have anything creative for Christmas.  Plus, they always get a little free treat when the dogs go in! So sweet.