No Snow At the Beach!

Beach 026

Where's the snow?  I felt a bit guilty knowing that my parents just received the storm of the year in the midwest, but taking the dogs to the beach is one of the highlights of my weekend. Plus it was so nice outside I couldn't resist knowing that we're going to get rain soon.

Lately we've been going to the off-leash park off of Buchanan Street  which I think is part of the  Eastshore State Park but I'll have to look at the name on the sign to verify it next time we are there.  Great place to run your dogs off leash (good manners a must) and let them release some energy and have fun. Not too crowded if you go early in the morning but gets busier later in the day especially if it's good weather.

Beach 020Beach 015

There's quite an extensive amount of beach to run on, about 200', and at the southern end there is a patch of rip-rap which is great for exploring and jumping on. Hazel's favorite!

Beach 006
Beach 003

A wide path surrounding the northern side of the beach allows you to take a long walk around the peninsula if the tide is too high to run on the beach. This is the last run before Christmas!