Holiday Blanket

2008-12 Xmas 001

We went down to Orange County for Christmas and there wasn't much to see on the 5 except cars, trucks and cows so I started in on my chevron blanket to keep my occupied during the drive and my holiday vacation. I'm not that far into it but it's starting to look pretty good to me considering I've never done the chevron pattern before.  Nooner has already laid claim to it by rolling all over it and snuggling in it for a nap so it may end up being her couch blanket.

2008-12 Xmas 002 

The pattern is from the book Crochet Inspirations by Sasha Kagan which is a wonderful book and has a wide variety of crochet patterns and flowers to try.  I'm using Vanna White's yarn because she has a great range of fall and winter-like colors out right now....and hey, it's on sale so what can I say.