Letterpress Thank-You Cards and San Francisco

Letterpress helpers

It's been a while since I've created any cards on my press so today I decided to venture into our "cold" garage to make some Thank-You cards for all the sweet gifts we received this year and to try out a few vintage plates I picked up this fall at Wayzgoose in Seattle.  Nooner and Hazel decided to check things out and make themselves at home, right in front of where I need to work, in case something edible decided to land on the floor. Since I work on a Vandercook proof press each card needs to be inked individually before I roll the drum over the plate, so the results can vary but once you get a nice coat of ink over the plate the picture tends to come out more uniform as you continue. My "Someday" press is up in Seattle and maybe I'll be able to get a similar one once our studio is completed....or even started!  All we need is a permit!

Letterpress thank you 007007

Here's the plate set up, pretty simple, and the end result. Not too bad considering it's been a few months since I've inked anything up. 


Since I still had some ink left over I decided to try out a vintage plate that I hadn't used yet that I found up in Seattle and I love the results. It's a strong graphic with a San Francisco theme to it as you can see from the cable car.  So I think I'll package these up and get them onto Ernie Loves Bananas at Etsy this weekend!