Eco Dog Book


Quite a few of us now are just as concerned about toxic chemicals around our animals as we are around kids so it was nice to see an eco-sensitive book about what to use and do for your dogs. (or other animals) So if it's safe for your dog than you can be sure it'll be safe for your kids too. This book gives a good overview about basic changes you can make in your house to create a safer environment inside with a few fun craft projects thrown in!

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There's a few recipies for natural flea powders


Excellent homemade all-purpose cleaners. I'm going to try the following for air fresheners and deodorizers

  1. "Set out open dishes of vinegar to absorb odors."

  2. "Sprinkle  baking soda over carpeted areas, let stand for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum."

  3. "Leave uncovered bowls of lemon, juice, vinegar, or charcoal throughout your home to caputre odors."

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Fun little sock animals and toys to make from your old socks or recycled sweaters!  Projects for warm blankets and dog beds using more recycled materials.  There's a few good treats there too in the front!  Overall it includes good eco-friendly projects to keep you busy for a weekend.