Sock and Glove- Sheep


I wanted to see how easy it was to make the charming little animals out of the book Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori this weekend so I decided to try out the Sheep design to go along with a baby shower gift that I have yet to start.  The example on the left is what was shown in the book and the picture on the right shows my version!  Not quite the same because his body is incredibly long but he's still cute and for my first attempt not too bad.  Here are the instructions, but all credit goes to Miyako! Download Sheep Instructions


The fun part is picking out the sock that you want to use!  I found quite a few fun socks with great textures at Target this weekend, not to mention they are having a sale on all their winter socks so if you want to stock up on Christmas themed sets and make a few for next year now is the time!

First, cut out your pieces according to the pattern.


Then sew the legs, arms and head together and then fill with stuffing.  Now is the time to judge how long you want  your body to be and where you'd like the arms to go!  My body was a bit too long, should have cut it down a bit more.


Sew on the arms next.  I found it looks cleaner if you turn in the edge of the arm about a 1/4" first and then sew them on.  Continue with the head and the ears and you are almost done.  I found with the head that if you sew close to the seam first and then use nicer stitches a bit further out and go around the head one more time that it looks better and feels more secure.


Finish off with embroidery thread for the face and then you have a cute little sheep to take with you!  The instructions are really easy to follow, just pick a crazy sock and have a go!