Alvarado Park, Richmond- Dog Walk

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At the north end of Wildcat Canyon in Richmond is Alvarado Park which is a wonderful place to walk your dog in the East Bay nearly year round.  We go at least once a week because it is so close to our house and it isn't crowded except on the weekend. The park also opens into access to the Wildcat Canyon where you can walk the fire trails all the way down to Tilden Park if you are adventurous.  We typically stick to a mile to a two mile hike if we're heading up into the Canyon.

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The park has three large meadows to run in and a series of trails that the dogs can walk off-leash on. Dogs must be on leash within picnic areas though! Trust me, they check!

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But by far the best part for the dogs is getting to run in the creek when it's low.  Hazel has a great time tracking through the water and up the banks to see what she can find. Good place to practice tracking skills and to teach them not to be afraid of the water.

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If you're interested in the design of the park it started as a private park in 1909 until 1923 when the city of Richmond took it over. In 1985 it transferred to the East Bay Regional Park District where it is now. The park has several secluded picnic areas showcasing the WPA depression era stonework, and hints of classic landscape design features such as open meadows with strong focal points and extensive stonework features such as the barbecues and the former light posts. To maintain control of invasive plant species goats are periodically brought in to eat scrub and weeds.