Crafty Reading List


I have a big stack of reading material that I've been going through over vacation that have spawned many more projects for the upcoming year.  Not to mention there are a few more baby showers to go to now that I've heard some great news as of yesterday (Congratulations Kelly!) so I've been tagging some new gift ideas along the way.  But here are some great books to check out (some new and some old)


  1. D.I.Y. Design it Yourself  Excellent source of inspiration if you stuck in a rut and it looks like they have two more books out called D.I.Y. Design Deck: Cards that list projects and D.I.Y. Kids.

  2.  Printing By Hand  Amazing book that shows you several ways to print by hand on different types of materials. Easy instructions and projects, can't wait to try out the block printing.

003 Canine Couture

  1. Knitting Little Luxuries  Absolutely gorgeous knitting patterns, too bad I don't knit yet but after seeing this book I promised myself I would learn.

  2. Canine Couture  Fun book with projects such as jackets, collars, beds, toys, etc. to make for your dog. I love that she uses very "English" materials such as tweeds and wool that you don't typically think to use.   


  1. The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs  Hands down the best selection of border patterns with 342 different designs.  I've modified one to make a short scarf out of by just repeating the pattern in several rows. I highly recommend this book if you crochet.

  2. Doodle Stitching  Fun little book for beginners like me with imaginative and cute patterns to follow along.  Easy to transform your own sketches into a design too. I can see a baby gift coming out of this book! 


  1. Sock and Glove  Great way to use those individual socks that don't seem to have a match after being washed.

  2.  Happy Gloves  Same for that one glove that shows up without a match right before the big storm event when you really need it.


  1. Sew Hip  A British sewing magazine that I found at Borders the other day. Great articles on textile and hip fashion designers along with easy patterns for home decor, bags, and kids clothing.

  2. Stitch magazine (picture not shown)  Fabulous new magazine for sewing with unique and modern patterns and ideas. Can't wait for the next edition to come out.

As for dog magazines my favorites are:

  1. Dog Fancy:  Very informative articles on health, training, and
    conformation and they're starting to get into more homeopathic and
    natural articles.

  2. Modern Dog:  A fun splurge about what's new and hip in the dog world.

  3. Bark:  Wide range of articles that promote responsible dog ownership. Based in the Bay area.


And here's my favorite book of the moment. The Newfoundland puppy: Early Care, Early Training.  I've never seen a breed book that is this informative on the raising and care of a puppy and the realistic expectations of what your puppy will become as an adult.  This is my "someday" dog!  Luckily I was able to find a copy, and the cheapest one, on Amazon a few days ago so now I can give this one back to a friend who generously loaned it out to me since it's now out of print.