Early Xmas Shopping

Dublin river boots Dog odor eliminator 

Walking the dog Sleuth dog 

Bellisima bracelet

Dublin river boots

I went out to Emery Bay the other night and I think that's the last time I'll go until the holidays are over.  I absolutely hate crowds and waiting in lines but like being out with the Christmas lights glowing all around me and being wrapped up in heavy coats and hats.  Window shopping is much better than crowded department stores and worrying about finding a present, let alone the "perfect" present.  So, here's my Christmas list, even though it is a bit early.

1.    Dublin River Boots- perfect for the dog park or early mornings grooming in the dark
2.    Dog Odor Eliminator- Newfie's can be a little pungent.  Hoping that this will cut down on the odors inside the house
3.    Walking the Dog- cute little screenprint from Cutiepiecompany
4.    Sleuth Dog- limited edition screenprint from Sammonkeyfeet