My Nemesis- the Foxtail





Well, after two weeks of thinking that Hazel was either bitten or stung we came to find out that it was the ultimate nemesis in California- The Foxtail!!!  I was putting a hot compress on her face to relieve the pressure and after pressing on it a few minutes out popped a foxtail!  Relief and surprise followed and by the end of the day the swelling was almost gone and her face was starting to heal.  Apparently it went through her mouth and into her cheek so if your dog shows signs of scratching at its face do a thorough check! 

Foxtails are dangerous for dogs as many of us know, and incredibly "invasive" in California.  Check your dogs thoroughly throughout the year, especially in the summer and early fall, and remove any foxtails take special care to look deep into the pads of paws and any furnishings your dog may have.

Foxtails come in several species but all have a spikelet cluster of grass and I have found come in many native seed mixes so look for the following:

Foxtail42Foxtail42 Hordeum murinum

Hordeum jubatum    Foxtail Barley
Alopecurus    Foxtail grasses
Bromus madritensis     Foxtail Brome
Setaria    Foxtail millets