Nite Dawg- LED for the Night


Ah, here we are again, winter is here!  It was dark at 5:30 today and walking the dogs in the dark is not one of my favorite things to do especially with a black dog.  So I found a lighted leash at Safety Smart Gear that you can turn on for extra safety during your walk, it has a solid glow or you can switch it so it blinks.  They also have a Lighted dog collar that attaches to a collar with velcro so it is easy to take on and off as needed.  The only drawback with the collar is that it isn't waterproof as we found out, but I may try replacing the battery and see if that will bring it back to life.  Best part is that the dog collar is on sale for $6.95!  I'm going to buy the blue collar for the hounds, red for the Newf.   We already had a great comment from a neighbor that said he didn't see us coming up but he did see the collar glowing in the dark and that's exactly what we want!