Husky Play Date

Husky date 4

Aki and Foyle have known each other since they were puppies but they haven't seen each other for quite a while so we finally got together today for a long overdue play date.  As I was driving over to my friend's house I was thinking how ridiculous it was to arrange a play date for a dog....but then again it's really not.  Socialization during the first year, especially the first 6 months, are so critical to a dog's behavior and it's my responsibility to help Foyle become a well rounded, friendly dog.  So, we have a training plan and play dates are part of the plan.

One of Foyle's training goals is for him to get along with other dogs without getting into their face first- not in a bad way, he's not aggressive but I don't want him going right up into other dogs' faces right off the bat.  So Aki is a good way for me to work on that behavior.  After a long walk together so they can get to know each other again and get all their issues out we let them go in the backyard to play....and play...and play.  A tired Newf is a less destructive Newf!

Husky date 3
Husky date 2
Husky date 1
And we're spent!  A very good play date.