Pet Jet Washer


This morning we decided to go for a walk on the beach and get as dirty as possible so we could try out the Pet Jet Washer and see if the built in shampoo reservoir would really work with Foyle's coat.  I've been looking for a system that included the shampoo and spray in one unit because I was wasting so much shampoo trying to wash Foyle's belly and underside areas.  Well, it worked pretty well overall and I would buy it as a gift for the holidays!

We had to refill with shampoo and conditioner twice because it sprays it on pretty liberally so if you have it pre-mixed and ready to squirt into the 1/4" hole then it will be faster to refill.  The red button on the side provides a continuous spray without holding down the handle which always helps, but I wish there was a better grip on the handle once the sprayer gets soapy and wet.  It's a bit slippery at times.  There are three spray versions and it's hard to move them so pick what you like to begin with and stick with it.  It was incredibly easy to hook up to a regular garden hose and it comes with a connection for indoors also.  Great product and it would be easy to travel with too.