Pet Insurance Options


With the cost of vet bills increasing and multiple emergency trips to the vet the past five years we decided to get pet insurance a few years ago to counteract the costs.  I have to admit that I did not do my research as well as I could have and I am really disappointed in our choice, VPI, so I've decided to switch.  Our last claim was around  $2000 and less than $300 was covered for a stomach obstruction!!  That didn't even cover our the cost of our policy on all four of the dogs.

So during vacation I've decided to find a different insurer and came across Pet Insurance Review that has a large list comparing the pet insurance companies and their level of policy coverage and a quick and easy way to compare policies- I actually received 4 quotes while I was writing this!  

Trupanion has a great explanation of typical definitions used in policies so you know what to expect as you start to compare offers and look at deductibles.  Look for discounts for multiple pets and online registration. Beware of age and pre-existing condition limitations, we need coverage for congenital diseases and not many offer that.  Do your homework, I wish I would have done more the first time!