Death Cap Mushroom Alert!


Well the emails are flying this week about Amanita phalloides , commonly known as the Death Cap, Destroying Angels, Stinking Amanita, and Deadly Amanita.  Well, with names like that you can't help but think that this mushroom and is incredibly toxic and especially for dogs if ingested.  Word has it that it is out and increasing in numbers in the East Bay because of the latest round of rainfall , so scour your backyard, sideyard and frontyard, and remove any suspicious looking mushrooms.  It is highly toxic and accounts for a majority of deaths due to mushroom ingestion.  If you believe your dog has ingested the mushroom take it immediately to your vet because damage to the kidneys and liver is quick and rarely treatable after a short amount of time in the stomach.

The mushroom is associated with the Coastal Live Oak here in northern California but can also be found with beeches, chestnuts, horse chestnuts, filberts, and birches.