Dog Park Bags

362work_HB_brownpinkpurple_F300 363work_HB_brownpinkpurple_B300

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair right before Christmas to do a little last minute shopping and did a complete halt and head turn when I saw these handmade utility belts from Fabric Horse out of Philadelphia.  Cool, hip, and completely durable utility belts to wear at the dog park.

I have a new habit of carrying my Flip camera, digital camera, phone, and the typical treats and leash to the dog park now.  (just to have everything covered in case of a funny dog rendezvous, accident, or impromptu training session) But to carry all this I need a decent bag so after seeing  Fabric Horse's utility belt I've been looking around and found the following bags that might be good to carry around with the dogs.

Timbuk2 stowaway open Timbuk2 stowaway


Rei boarding bag Rei boarding bag open

Transit mini front Transit mini open

1. Timbuk2 Stowaway

2. REI Boarding Bag

3. Transit Mini Messenger