Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holder 1

I finally got tired of seeing those plastic bags hanging from our kitchen cabinets so I made a quick cotton holder so it won't be so unsightly any more.  I found the Stuff Sacks pattern from The Green Pepper and modified it a bit so I could include a few different fabrics. Very easy to follow and really only takes about 30 minutes to make including cutting out the fabric.

You can use these bags for quite a few things and there's 5 different sizes for convenience. There's a draw string at the top to close it up tightly and I added a little tab so I could hook mine to one of the knobs in our kitchen. Much nicer to take to the store to recycle the bags or to take to the shows to use for picking up after your dogs. I'll make a few more today to give to a few friends who can hang them on their crates!  It seems like you never have a plastic bag when you really need them!