Eureka! Waterproof/ Dog Proof Covers!

Waterproof duvet

Finally!  Why I didn't think of searching for this before is making me shake my head right now.  We've had a few "incidents" lately that have involved washing our comforter and the cover more than once in a day (quite frankly about 4 times in week) which is not only frustrating as far as training the dogs to stay off the bed, but a giant waste of water.  Orvis has a breathable, waterproof, claw-proof coverlet and a comforter!  At 300 thread count it sounds wonderful, but a bit pricy ranging  from  $159-$189 for the coverlet and  $219 to $289 for the comforter.

After some quick research I've found a few more affordable options from Allergy Guard Direct , (Excellent to use if you have allergies, kids, pets, or a clumsy spouse that tends to quench their thirst in the night.) and  one from Protective Bedding Store.  You can always add another duvet on top if you, like me, would never put a white duvet cover on your bed by itself!

Waterproof dog bed liner 

Even better from Orvis is their water resistant dog bed liner which comes in sizes S to XL in both round and rectangular sizes.   Although it isn't water proof, it has a double layer, breathable membrane that will wick away spills and keep the interior clean.  I think I must try this ASAP, and since I make most of my dog beds to standard sizes anyway the sizes will fit in with my beds really well.  Ah, to save a trip to the laundry mat just to wash beds will be a time saver!

Furniture protector 

To continue on with the water resistant theme, which is a main concern of mine right now considering we just bought a new couch, here is a water-resistant sofa cover also from Orvis that protects the cushions, sides and back of the couch!  It comes in Sage, Light Brown, and Slate so the options aren't wide but at least one of the colors will fit in with our decor.  Worst case we take it off when we have visitors.  The best part according to one rating is that you actually can fit it into your washing machine at home!