My Square Foot Garden

Foyle 16 wks 003

This weekend I began constructing my Square Foot Garden in our backyard and made it about half way through before it started raining again.  The concept behind the idea is to maximize vegetable or flower yield while minimizing the amount of weeds and water that typical gardens need.  My boxes (two) are 6'x6' and made out of scrap wood that we had lying in our yard.

My first task was to till up the existing soil and luckily it was where the former owner's garden was located so the soil was nice and dark and full of organic material already, unlike most of our yard which is vexing clay.  Next time I will remove the top layer of oxalis before I start tilling to minimize the amount of weeds.  I still need to add amendments and according to the Square Foot site you are supposed to use Mel's mix which is 1/3 blended compost, 1/3 vermiculite, and 1/3 peat moss.  My mix is going to be 1/2 good top soil (organic if I can find it), and 1/2 blended compost.  Since I found quite a few worms in the soil already I think we're off to a good start. Back in the good old days my dad and I would just truck in a load full of composted steer manure and call it a day.

Square Ft day one 009

To make the boxes we took 4- 4x4 posts 12" long and screwed in 1x6 fence boards to the top of each post forming a box.  (See below)

Square Ft day one 010
Square Ft day one 011

Then I dug 4 holes in the corners and set the box frame down until the bottom of the boards hit soil.  Although I did use redwood boards I know that at some point they will start rotting due to contact with the soil so at that point hopefully our studio will be built by then and we will have a new location for the garden.  But for now it is the perfect spot to start growing vegetables and flowers.

Square foot day 2 002

Here's the second box already to go.  Next weekend I will finish tilling up the second garden and add the additional soil and amendments so i'm ready to plant.  Then the fun part of planting vegetables and flowers will begin.  Now to get rid of the rest of the weeds....