Twist and Sprout!

Twist and sprout

This goes under the "Brilliant!" category for reusing your water bottles.  The Twist and Sprout water bottle top turns large or small plastic bottles into reusable watering cans for your plants and flowers. Great for indoor plants or containers outside.  Plus, the Pop Deluxe website is just a cool place to find unique and eco-friendly gifts that don't cost an arm...or a paw!

Pop up birdhouse

Pop Deluxe also has a Prefab Modern Foldable Birdhouse that is mailed flat and then quickly put together and can be painted or decorated in multiple fashions and ready to go.  It's made of water repellent cardboard but I'm assuming a little bit of shelter might extend its life a bit more.  I must buy a few just to try them out until Ray builds some of his own.