San Francisco's Japan Town


Well, to avoid doing taxes on a vacation day I decided to take a long overdue trip to Japan town to check out the Kinokuniya Stationery store.  I saw an ad for it in a Sunset magazine and it looked like it had some crazy, fun stationery to buy so off I went to brave driving in S.F. which I absolutely do not like doing. (except for now since I have my precious Grarmin, thank you Santa)  The above picture is from a board outside a restaurant in the mall that had great graphics explaining all their dishes.  (sorry for the sloppy picture, my camera isn't great under low light)  This dish sounds disgusting to me but the salad bowl is happy!

Better than the stationery store was the Kinokuniya Bookstore which was just across the way!  Every type of Japanese craft book was available, it was amazing.  If you go though make sure you have enough time to browse a while because the selection is incredible and it's hard to chose just one...maybe one from each category?


Here's some cute little, and I do mean little, envelope packs that I found.  The set on the left is in more detail below.  I think I'll use these to send little notes around work just to brighten up the funk that everyone seems to have dropped into. 


This one cracks me up and set a theme for the day. He's sticking his tongue out!  So I decided to find more items that made me laugh....
The first two are pocket folders which I've decide that our tax forms will go into.  The next three pictures are stationery sets with paper and matching envelopes.  I'm dying to send these out so my parents and my sister should expect something soon.  Gives me inspiration though to start making my own sets!