Vintage Food Bags

3 ring coffee

In my quest to find inspiration for a new bag design for Ernie Loves Bananas I've come across several vintage, or vintage inspired bags they have a nice, strong graphic appeal to them.  The 3 Ring Coffee bag can be found at the U.K. store Present and Correct, but don't stop there because they have a wide variety of original bags including a very cool German shopping bag that comes in large and small. Perfect if you've ran out of wrapping paper and need a quick place to put that lovely gift you just bought!

Small grocery bag
Large Grocery Bag 

Peanut bag

My fascination with vintage food bags actually started a short time ago when I saw the Peanuts bag at Bake It Pretty and I immediately ordered some just in never know when they'll come in handy!  Great if you want to make movie night or date-night-in a little more special.

Drumstick bag Giraffe popcorn bag

I think the greatest selection can be found at Vintage Depot Direct though. The Giraffe popcorn bag is genius, and the Drumstick bag has a come and get me attitude about it!

Dogs and suds

But my favorite one so far, of course, is the Dog'n Suds which apparently was a good 'ol fashioned drive in. Great examples to start off of and get an idea of type and graphics from to finish up my designs.


So how many of you in your 30's can remember Smokey the Bear?  Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires! It was a childhood figure that was constantly in our minds growing up in Montana with all of the abundant open space and forestry land around us.  I can remember going to see the Missoula Smokejumper Base when I was 6 years old and even then the seriousness of their job and the risks they took were noticeable.  But naturally, being six years old, I was more interested in the parachutes themselves and the cool uniforms that they got to wear than the potentially fatal injuries that they endure on a yearly basis.