Dog Kennel Options

Modern shed 1
Modern shed 2

I'm in the process of redesigning our backyard to accommodate a new studio (for Ray) and a new dog house (for me....actually the dogs), but a request has come in that the dog house have a modern twist to it.  Once I came across Modern Shed and all my problems were solved.  The studio has been designed by Ray already, but all I need is a 5'x5' dog house that has natural ventilation with an option for air conditioning, sustainable and easy to clean materials, optional accessories, and has an aesthetic presence that ties into the overall "Master Plan".  These sheds are fit all my requirements....but the smallest is 10x10'. Hmmm, more dogs then?  But I do have to add that even though we are putting in a kennel it isn't a substitute for daily exercise and lots of personal attention and time in the house with the family.  My personal feeling is that you shouldn't own a dog if it is going to spend a majority of time outside.....what's the point?More serious searching has led me to a few other options mainly out of Britain because it seems they take their kennel design a bit more seriously than the U.S.  This one comes from 100Akre Wood and shows nice craftsmanship in a more practical, dual kennel design.

Double dog kennels.preview


By far one of my favorite finds comes from Timberbuild kennel manufacturers, also in the U.K., which will customize a run for you to suite your needs.  The kennels are designed by professional dog handlers and are designed specifically to your dogs' needs.  The kennels come with a sleeping area and a separate kennel run which can be blocked off if necessary, and which is raised off of the ground for easier cleaning. They come with sleeping boxes, day benches, and either a solid or mesh divider to the run.