Dog Box For the Car

Dog Box 1
Dog Box 013

Yesterday we went to try out a new dog park which was at the Berkeley Marina (part of the Eastshore State Park system) and what do you know, we forgot the leashes!  We had the typical round of "I thought you brought them"..."well I thought YOU brought them!"....only to end in the obvious fact that neither one of us remembered. It wouldn't have been such a hassle if we had our Dog Box in the car.  It was so sad to see the look on the dogs' faces when we closed up the hatch door after they had all lined up in the back ready to be lifted out.

The Dog Box, which has been a very useful item in our household, is a big chew-proof box that contains the following backup supplies for that "I thought you brought them!" moment.  Contents include the following, but any combination of whatever backup supplies you need will suffice.

Dog Box Contents:

  1. Extra Water in case we forget to fill the spillproof water bowl which is a lifesaver in the car.

  2. Extra Bowl for the water or in case you need to wash any dirty feet off.

  3. Towel for dirty, wet dogs.

  4. Treat Bag

  5. Poop Bags

  6. Extra collars and leashes

  7. Water Training Toy

  8. First Aid Kit for the moments you hope don't happen- Bow-Ow

  9. Bag of dry treats

  10. Wet wipes because dog park restrooms aren't always the cleanest. 

Dog Box 005

Any plastic box that's quick to open seems to be the best and the more dog proof it can be the better off you are for the days when the dogs are in the car with you.  It's not as effective to say you're going to pull the car over "or else" to your dogs while they're pulling all the contents out of your box!  This also works well if you're going to the dog shows, just adjust the contents for your typical dog show supplies.