Eco Dog Collars


I'm not into fashion for my dogs (ok, winter fleece coats don't count because that's just a practicality, not a year-round thing) except for when it comes to collars.  I think the type of collar a person chooses reflects the personality of the owner as well as the attributes the owner attaches to their dog(s). 


So, what am I really trying to say when I buy a dachshund print for my dachshunds? Isn't the fact that it's obviously a dachshund enough?  Apparently not- looks like I need to reinforce the obvious, or I just think the collar is really cute, and I'd buy almost any collar from Up Country because I like their designs and the durability of the construction.  Plus, they now have a collection of collars, leads, etc. made from recycled ribbon and webbing!

Ecodogcollarweb Saving The Earth Collections

Last week I ventured into Dog Bone Alley in Alameda and found these incredible bamboo collars from  Wagging Green .  These collars are naturally bacterial and odor resistant, 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and fast drying. If you buy from the Saving The Earth collection a portion of the proceeds go to several different earth-friendly and conservation groups depending on what you buy.  Now why wouldn't that make you feel good about buying green? The Making Waves collar on the left came home that day and I'm sure the Eco Dog collar will be a future purchase also.