What To Do With The Poo


Everyone who has dogs has the necessity to get rid of their waste in a clean and timely manner.  Now multiply that by 2, or 3, or more dogs and you may support the need for a ship hanging off the Pacific Coast to carry your contaminated waste.  Lo and behold people are putting their civil engineering caps on and coming up with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to your waste management.  Above is the PowerLoo flushable dog toilet!  It acts like an in-ground toilet that connects to your home's sewer system so you can literally flush your dogs' waste down into your existing system.  It's a bit pricey at an estimated $1000 and won't be available until this summer, but if you have the extra cash it looks like the convenience may be worth the extra money.

Doggy doo drain

Along the same line as the PowerLoo is the Doggie Doo Drain which connects to your sewer clean out and  is a much more affordable at a mere $24.95.  Easy, do-it-yourself installation is a bonus, you just replace the lid of your sewer clean-out with the Doggie Doo Drain and your in business.  Each time you use the system though you need to rinse it with a hose to flush the waste down the clean-out. Hmmm, good project for a father-in-law coming up for the weekend for the Nascar race?


And last we have the Doggie Dooley which can be found in several pet catalogs.  The premise behind the Dooley is that it acts like a typical septic system in which waste is slowly decomposed with the help of enzymes and then leached into the surrounding ground.  Great if you have well draining soils, bad if you have clay soils.  It's eco-friendly, great around pets, and odorless and insect-free.  Does not work in temperatures below 40 degrees, but I've read that warm water helps during the winter. (Check the frost line in your area though) It comes in 3 different sizes depending on how many dogs you have and can support up to 2 large or 4 small dogs.  Careful not to install it next to trees, right next to your house, or in the path of a lawn mower.