Waiting For the Call From the Vet

019 020

Ernie is sick, really sick and no one knows why quite yet. I don't know which is more frustrating, not knowing why he's sick or waiting for what seems like an excruciatingly long time to find out why he's sick.  Last night around 8:00 he came in to my room and looked like he was trying to either sneeze or vomit so I went to pick him up to take him outside and his belly was incredibly tight and bloated. Within 10 minutes you could literally see the left side swell out abnormally and he was in pain. Off we rushed to Pet Emergency Treatment Service in Berkeley which is AMAZING to say the least for any emergency your pet may have.  (They literally saved his life when he had severe dehydration last time we went in...long story for another time) He's been there since 8:30 last night and the picture above is what I saw when I came in this morning. There's gas building up continuously in his stomach so they've been putting a tube down his throat periodically to get it out.  We're waiting to hear back on an ultrasound to see what, if anything, is obstructing his stomach that we can't see in the xrays. Waiting.....waiting......waiting...... can't lose my little man, that would be devastating.  Thank you Ray for flying back tonight!