Ernie's Alive and Well! Ya!


We had a happy ending to a very stressful weekend and Ernie was able to go home on Saturday night. See his cute little bandana that they give successful patients!  He was happy, we were happy, and it all turned out ok in the end.  What went wrong?  Still don't know even after several x-rays and an ultrasound, so the closest guess we have came from my dear old dad the vet- "maybe his intestine is twisted".  I've heard of bloat but I've never heard of an intestine twisting. Anyway, apparently it fixed itself because by the time we went in to check in on him at 9:30 he was just fine and very hungry.  In the end with all the tests that were done we were happy to find out that there's no indication of any serious medical issues and no cancer! He's a pretty healthy 11 year old and we're hoping to have him around for several more years.  Oh, and no more bones or pig ears for any of our little guys for quite a while.