Baby Blanket for #2


I need to make a phone call very soon to see if baby #2 has arrived yet in D.C. It's due any time now!  So in celebration I wanted to make a fun, non-gender (because at this point who knows), baby blanket for #1 and #2 to share.


The fabric is from a thicker cotton from Moda fabrics, the style is Wonderland Tea Time Jam #32100 , but the pattern I bought has an off-white background.  The back is a brown flannel and I used a packaged orange trim for the binding to save some time.  I tried out a bamboo batting this time and it said you could prewash it to minimize shrinking but I found out it separates very easily and I wasn't able to use half of it after I washed it.  But it is warm and cozy!

001 (2)001 (2)

I saw a pattern for the Kidlet bag over at  JC handmade and decided to make Kelly one to match her quilt.  I think with little kids around and only two hands it might come in handy just to throw a few items in around the house or what you need to remember to take out the door with you in the morning.  I think a few of these are going to be made for the dogs too.  It's nice to have a bag you can throw things into to take to the dog park, or the small essentials that always seem to be lost in the car.