Virtual Shopping Spree

Andrewsreclaimed Wood dog journalFundle pet sling Snaktionstrawberryluna 

Firehydant lewasdesign Peanutdiditagain kachingdesign 

Free leash     Isle of Dog Detangler

I'm feeling a bit spendy right now but there's no way I'm going to battle holiday traffic around San Francisco at this time of day so I'm doing a little virtual shopping for me and my dogs.

  1. Elevated dog bowls from recycled wood by Andrewsrecliamed on Etsy.

  2. Wood Dog Journal from Night Owl Paper Goods .

  3. Pet Sling by Fundle, chic and easy to carry for when Ernie gets tired out. 

  4. Snaktion, screen printed dog art by StrawberryLuna

  5. Fire Hydrant decal for the kitchen from Lewa's Designs at Etsy.

  6. Peanut Did It Again print by Kachingdesigns 

  7. Hands Free walking with your dog on a Freeleash, great for the trails. 

  8. Detangler spray from Isle of Dog, for those nasty mats that keep coming back.