Crate Condo


One of the best pieces of advice that I've received, and read about in many books, is to train your dogs to eat dinner in their crates.  The minute we open the gate to the kitchen the hounds know that dinner is coming and they immediately go into their crates, although Nooner does get a little help getting into the top bunk because the little legs just can't make it that high.  Here's a picture of them waiting to be fed tonight. This crate training has made it to much easier to take them on trips in the car, to the vet, and to sleep in at night when they are sick. (I know Vicki, with the exception of the Mini-Roundup when Hazel wanted out at ungodly time of 2:00 a.m.)  By all means, crate train your dogs and it will really make life much easier, you never know when you'll have an emergency and need to get them out of the house.