The Ugly Dachshund

Foyle 1st day 009

Introducing our very own "Ugly Dachshund", Nakiska's Fellow on a Furlough, or lovingly known as Foyle!  I finally found my dream dog after searching for over two years and I couldn't be happier with Foyle and with the Newfoundland breed in general.  The first picture is his very first day here in California at 11 weeks old and now you see him at 8 months old, time is flying by so fast but I'm very happy with his temperment and he's proving to be quite the big, lovable boy that I had hoped for.  He "sings" a short little tune in the morning before breakfast, loves to lean in for a little rub, steals anything he can find off of the kitchen counter, has to say hi to everyone at the park before he plays, has fallen head over heals for Nooner, thinks he needs to use the dachshunds' stairs to get up to the couch, thinks it is funny to do a victory slam around the back yard and into your legs, and loves water training already.  Let me catch you up on the past 6 exhausting and fun months of Foyle's life with the Welters....

Foyle 1st day 002

First day in California!  He was a bit late coming off of the plane and I was a bit early to go and pick him up so the combination resulted in me pacing back and forth at Oakland airport waiting for even a glimpse of the crate being wheeled through the Cargo area.  Finally, finally, he arrived and I was able to get my first look through the crate.  After having dachshunds for 5 years he seemed so large in comparison at first but when he came out of that crate with his tail wagging he melted my heart and I knew it was one of the best decisions I've far as dogs go of course.

Foyle 1st day 008

Look at that face!  He was 11 weeks old and 23 pounds when he came here and little did we know how fast he would really grow!  Dawn suggested that we start a growth chart on the wall, which we did, and every few weeks he grows about a 1/2 an inch.  At first he fit in all the hound beds, testing them all out because he thought he was a dachshund too and well, if they can go on the couch and on the bed then so could he!  Wrong!  Training began from day one and now his crate is his chill-place and he's happy to be there.


First day at the park and learning how to walk on the leash...quick to go offleash too, he learned to stay close and wait with the dachshunds.

Foyle 16 wks 011

Getting bigger and bigger.  Hazel can still take him down at this point because he hasn't learned his boundaries and where his legs are relative to the hounds.


Relaxing out in the backyard where it is much cooler.  Didn't realize how much the heat just in the house would affect him and he won out.  Let's just say that the heating bill went way down after he came.

Foyle bath 003

Hanging out at work...sleeping mostly but having fun meeting people.  I took two weeks off to train and bond with him and then he spent another few weeks with me at work getting socialized and learning that the crate isn't that bad.

Foyle 16 wks 002

Watching TV with Nooner...on the bed when he knew he wasn't supposed to be.  He was quite sly about sneaking onto the bed when we stepped out of the room.


Here he is at Petchitecture in San Francisco, already attracting attention from a former handler from D.C.!  Everyone loved him and we found out that he loved wine!  Caught him drinking out of more than one glass that night.


Finding out that water can be fun at the beach!  We let him take his own time getting used to being in the water and playing around until the waves started splashing on him, he didn't like that too much.  But i figured this was the best place for him to run around without hurting his legs while he was growing.

Foyle 1st match 024

Foyle's first match!  He did amazingly well for being indoors for the first time. Group 3rd!  He got to play with Zachary and a cute little Great Dane pup so he was a happy little guy that night.

Chase Me

The beach is more fun when the girls are there with him.  Hazel and Nooner showed him the best spots on the beach to go and look for crabs or dead birds but luckily all he wants to do is play in the water or chase the girls around.

I'm Just Resting

Sneaking in an after-dinner nap.  He finally figured out the hounds' routine which is wake up at the crack of dawn and wake us up just to make sure they'll eat then after breakfast go and take a nap in the morning sun.  Then..nap some more and find something bad to chew, nap....walk before dinner, nap.... then whine for the 8:00 treat....go to bed.   Every weekday, they like their routine.

Bathroom Break

But sleeping in the bathroom feels much better on the tummy.  He finally figured out that the bathroom is the coolest place in the house to sleep and get a "fresh" drink of water, but he kept closing the door on himself.  We found a magnetic door stop that works so well that he rarely closes the door any more.


Happy 4th of July!  Sporting new, custom bandanas for the 4th.

Berkeley Marina 2

Walking at the Berkeley Marina after work.  Windy and cool with lots of water and lots of people....and no mean dogs off leash.


Waiting to be groomed....tastes better than it looks.  You can't see all the tape that is wrapped around the handle because he keeps stealing it out of my grooming bag or the table to chew on.  Keeping up with the puppy coat as much as I can to prevent the mats from getting so bad you have to cut them out.


Water training in Livermore!  Sundays are the best because we go down to the Del Valle Regional Park and train with Boo, McKenna, Sienna, Lex and puppy.  The water is great and usually the weather is incredibly warm so we tend to spend quite a bit of time in the water.  Foyle retrieved his first bumper last weekend!!  I need to kick it in gear and make him retrieve more than I have been.

Ill watch it for you

And today he's my security patrol in the kitchen making sure no one steals dinner. 

Next month his show career begins at Petaluma and we're ready!  Let's see how far we can go together and what kind of a team we make, you never know what can happen but I think we're off to a good start and are going to have a lot of fun together no matter what we do.