Katie's Checkered Bumper

Checkered Bumper

I am currently in my third month of water training with Foyle down at Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore with the Newfoundland Club of Northern California and so far he really enjoys the swimming portion of the training but has had a bit of trouble with the retrieve with the normal canvas and orange bumper. Then I bought the checkered bumper from Katie's Bumpers and suddenly Foyle became enamoured with it and has started to run into the water to retrieve this bumper!  People say that it's because they can see the checkers a lot better in the waves, and that is a good possibility but whatever it is I like it because Foyle will play tug with me in the backyard now and chase that bumper down!  That's Foyle playing in the back yard with the bumper this morning and below is McKenna, Foyle, and Sienna playing in the water....I think it's Sienna is heading out to get the bumper....or maybe McKenna, hard to tell when they're wet.



Here's another one of her products- Stuff and Fetch It- where you can stick treats inside the velcro pouch to encourage dogs to take or retrieve an object.  I recommend using a treat that has a strong odor to it to make it even more enticing and easier to smell through the fire hose.


Last we have tried the Bottle Tracker where you can recycle a pop (yes, I said "pop" because soda sounds like I should be wearing mary janes, sporting a pigtail, and sitting on a barstool at a fountain shop) bottle by putting it into the pouch and letting your dog have a chomp-a-rama in a much safer way.