Hap-Pet-Ite from Berkeley


One weekend we were making a run over to Solano Avenue in Berkeley to one of our favorite pet stores, PUGnacious Pet Provisions and outside the store we met Katherine of Hap-Pet-Ite promoting her all natural and "home-made" dog food and dog treats.  Since Foyle was with me he gladly offered up his services for testing out her chicken, beef, and turkey jerkey and I thought he was going to do backflips off of the steps he liked it so much!  We went back this weekend to pick up a pack of her dehydrated lamb strips, and at $15.90 for 16 oz it's actually a pretty good deal.  Doris from PUGnacious pets siad that Katherine picks out all her own meat and personally cuts, dries and mixes her dog food herself.  Even her packaging is biodegradable!  Between the lamb and the buffalo strips I think I'll have a very attentive and happy dog in the ring.