Holistic Hound-Berkeley

Holistic Hound

I stopped by the Holistic Hound in Berkeley for the first time on Friday and found it be a great place to go for a big variety of organic treats, toys, food and natural remedies for your pets. If you don't live in Berkeley it seems like a long-haul to get there but the block has quaint little stores and it was easy to find parking.


I was looking for that extra special- "I'll do anything for you"- bait to use in at class and in the ring at Holistic Hound and settled on Bonus Bites' freeze dried buffalo liver.  It's an all-natural, grain free, grass fed product and the dogs are swooning over the taste.   It breaks easily into small pieces yet stays hard enough to tuck a large piece under your armband.  Not inexpensive at $14 for 8 oz, but the jar should last through quite a few shows and won't rot in your pockets like roll-up will. (especially when you forget it is there and go to hang up your jacket after an exhausting day at the dog show, only to find it a month later moldy and stuck to the bottom of your pocket!)