There's an App for that

App YepYup__PetDossier

Although I don't have an iPhone I am constantly bugging Ray to try out new dog Apps just to see what they will do.  Here's a list of ones that I've found that have convinced me that I need to buy one just to put these on it:

  1. Off Leash from Eukanuba helps you to find off leash dog parks in your hood.

  2. DogiDuty helps you and your dog walker connect and share information about the walk

  3. Pet Dossier  helps keep all your pet information in one place, includes photos, emergency info, microchip #, etc.

  4. Pet CV also keeps pet information but is better for those who show because you can also include registration and breeder information as well as weight, allergies, treatments, medicine, birthday, etc..

  5. Fido Factor helps to find dog friendly restaurants, shopping, parks, bars, and pet services in the San Francisco, Portland, Boston and New York area.

  6. Pet First Aid for those emergencies when you are on the go, great reviews!

  7. Pet MD Veterinary Terms usually I have to write them down and then go home and look them up, but now you can have a more educated conversation during that 4 hour wait in the emergency room!

  8. Pup Tox check and see if what your dog just ate is toxic! Yikes!