K Rosco Dog Walking Jacket

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K rosco dog jacket front hood K rosco vest

It's about the fifth day of rain and although we are all cheering the fact that the reservoirs and lakes that provide much needed water for people and for agriculture , it's made me realize that my waterproof wardrobe is sorely lacking.  Foyle wouldn't mind a walk in torrential downpour, but I do if I'm not prepared.  This jacket from Let's Go Design is the ultimate dog walking jacket for all types of weather.   It's the transformer of all jackets!  The outer shell is waterproof and wind resistant with a fleece zip out liner.  The hood retracts, there's a leash hook on the belt, waste bag pocket, 5 pockets, and the sleeves zip off!  Now for the price...it's a whopping $250, but in reality you get three jackets in one!  Hmmm, now the question is not IF I get it but when I get it!