Halloween Collars

Coleys Collars Happy Halloween
Coleys Collars Groovy Halloween

The Mod Dog Retro Collar
The Mod Dog Pumpkin Collar

Collars By Design Bats
Silly Buddy Friendly Halloween 

Greyt Escape Trick or Treat

The hounds have been wearing the same Halloween collar for a few years
now so I think it's time for something new and fun to wear during
October.  It all started 7 years ago when we lived in Sausalito.  The
city closes off one street so all the families can get together to
trick-or-treat safely and the adults can party.  Dogs are welcome in
most of the stores so we would dress Ernie and Pandi up and parade them through downtown so they could load up on all the dog treats they could eat.  It's almost worth the trip across the bridge to do it again, but now it's more fun to decorate the house and the dogs for the season

Here's collars that I found on Etsy (pictures credited to each site)

  1. Coleys Collars Happy Halloween Collar

  2. Coleys Collars Groovy Halloween Collar

  3. The Mod Dog Halloween Retro Collar 

  4. The Mod Dog Pumpkin Collar 

  5. Collars By Design Spooky Bats Collar

  6.  Silly Buddy Friendly Halloween Faces Collar

  7. Greyt Escape Trick or Treat Collar