Dog Idioms: Delightful Dog Diction

I was browsing the site Dog Milk today when I saw a post about this cute poster of dog idioms by Knowsters!  We've all heard the saying "sick as a dog", or "a dog and pony show", but now they're illustrated and organized on a poster for your enjoyment.  Great idea, and it would be even better if you could chose between a few a dachshund maybe?

Nick Scalfittura dog with newspaper

Nick Scalfittura dogs

As long as I was there I searched around the other prints on the site and found these two by Nick Scalfittura.  I love the colors in the top print, Dogs With Newspaper, and the artwork is reminiscent of a woodblock print which gives it more of a hand-pressed look.  A little more research showed that his tessellations rate very high in subject recognition and the details are very discernable, which is highly praised in this style of artwork.

Imagekind langerhund Imagekind huddersfeld

For a more vintage look there are posters by Chad Otis like the Langerhund print for your cheese-loving hounds, or the cute Boston Terrier Huddersfeld print for that little treat to go with your coffee in the morning!  Speaking of coffee, take a look at this fabulous series of how-to's from Monkey See on how to make the perfect latte. It's quite interesting, informative, and artistic- not to mention it makes you want to drive to Maryland just to have Greg make you a cup!