Dog Massage and a Healing Touch

I started to read The Healing Touch for Dogs this weekend to see if I could loosen Foyle's leg muscles up before walks and by coincidence came across this video series called How to Massage Your Dog on Monkeysee.  The instructor is Patty Bianca, a certified horse and canine massage therapist through Equissage, who practices out in Maryland.  The videos are a nice compliment to the book by Dr. Michael Fox, which gives a more in-depth desciption and explanation of the program, but it is nice to see how her hands are held and where the muscle is that she is trying to work.  She runs through the entire body in separate videos, but definitely watch the first two to get the concept and the basics down before you move on.

It is important to get your dog(s) used to touch because there are many different situations where your dog is going to need to be examined-it's not just for the ring, but I've found it's extrememly useful at the vet, in social situations, and in case of an emergency.  It's very important for Foyle especially now that he needs to go to acupuncture so often. I'm sure Dr. Wallace appreciates his cooperation while she places the needles. Plus, he just likes being massaged and who wouldn't?  I'd also like to set up an appointment with San Francisco Veterinary Specialist to go over appropriate exercises to build muscle on Foyle's back legs with one of their specialists.