Dog Themed Cookies


After seeing these cute cookies by Old Towne Danville Bakery I've been inspired to try and make my own version to hand out at the NCNC Regional Specialty coming up at the end of October. It'll be fun to put together a cookie basket to help support Newfoundland Health and Rescue during the raffle too!


When I heard that my friend brought her own Newfie cookie cutter down to the bakery I had to find my own and within a few clicks I found Fancy Flours!  They have a wide selection of dog shaped and dog themed cookie cutters so it was fun picking out a few like the ones below.  Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month I also picked out these breast cancer quins to help celebrate a friend's birthday and success against her beating her own cancer and her journey.


Up until now my cookie decorating expertise has been limited to an ice cream scoop and a fork to press the balls down with. Since I had never decorated cookies to this extent I needed a bit of a tutorial to make them presentable.  I turned to a wonderful book, Cookie Craft, by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer which has beautiful pictures and well written instructions that even an amateur like me can follow.  I also found the blogs Bake Greek , Sugar and Meringue, and the amazing Sweetopia to learn how to "pipe" and "flood" the icing on correctly.

And here they are! So, the frosting technique is a bit trickier than I thought and I'll need quite a bit more practice with it but they did turn out pretty tasty.  Worth practicing to get it right in the future!  I'm thinking a round of Halloween cookies is due next weekend.