Dachshunds- A Cute Little Package


No one can argue that the cutest little package is a dachshund puppy but lately I've been seeing some package design that can rival that "awwww" moment you get when you see that little furry bundle. I love looking at various illustrations depicting the hounds and it seems to bring a smile to your face,and as a recognizable breed world wide the dachshund offers a wide variety of interpretation.

  1. Think Twice Reusable Bags from Pet Smart featuring a few cute little hounds jumping.

  2. Fruits & Passion Hot Dog Shampoo found via The Dieline.

  3. For wrapping up all your packages there's the Jessica Jones' ribbon Dachshunds on Aqua (picture by Jessica)

  4. A delicious tea sweetly named Today's Special OOolong Plum Tea by a great merchandizing company called Blue Q which I found at Books Inc. at 4th street in Berkeley.

  5. Thirsty dog? Try out a beer like this Show Dog Stout from III Dachshund Beer Co.

  6. TrueCoffee sports this cute little hot dog holder designed by Subconscious in Bangkok.

  7. Sad Wiener gum with a subtle peppermint flavor which can be found a candy stores like Powell's Sweet Shop.