Handmade Hounds- Embroidery For Your Dog

Blue roo snack sack  Blue roo snack sack 2

What Party DIY Haircut What Party Honest Doggie

Janet Clare Hugo Stitch Penguinandfish D Dog Pattern

Giddy99 flickr Angharadjefferson

Make Dolin OShea photoembroidery

We all memorialize our dogs in some way whether it be photographs, videos, tattoes, on You-Tube or as Living Legends, but embroidery is a very artistic and personal way to show your gratitude and love! While searching through some of my old pictures I came across this Festive Dog pattern that I had saved from the prolific and talented Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky! and did more research on embroidery patterns with dogs and came up with the following list. I'm definitely ready to get out some thread and a needle and start in on my own projects for this Christmas after looking at these beauties:

  1. Reusable Snack Bag- Hand Embroidered and customizable by Blue Roo

  2. Dog DIY Haircut and Honest Doggie by What Party

  3. Janet Clare Hugo Stitchery pattern and D is for Dog pattern by Penguin and Fish

  4. Inspiration from a fabulous needlework artist Giddy99 on Flickr and Hamish and Pup by Angharad Jefferson who does brilliant embroidery on patterned fabric.

  5. Feeling as inspired as I am right now? Check out Dolin O'Shea's tutorial at Make on how to transfer linework from a photograph onto fabric so you can create your own personal piece of artwork!

  6. Need a quick tutorial to get an idea of what you'll need? Take a look at this video from Threadbanger, and this video series from Stitching Cow.

  7. Do you learn better from a book? Then the book Doodle Stitching is a fun and innovative way to learn more about embroidery.