Hello Moto! The T505 In-Car Speakerphone

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So this post has nothing to do with dogs but my innate confusion towards electronics that need some sort of programming. I seem to have...um...misplaced my Bluetooth so when I heard about a wireless speakerphone that projects music and phone calls over your radio I jumped for joy. So, when I saw this MotoROKR T505 on sale today I finally picked one up and ran out of the store with my guilty pleasure purchase. It was a definite "want" and not a "need" really, and it is going on my Christmas list for a certain sibling that can't talk and drive at the same time!

It looks like a remote control for your garage so you can take it into any car. I figure that if both Ray and I can use it then I've justified the splurge, because the price of tickets in CA range from $124 to $200 for talking on your cell phone while driving. I've definitely justified the price now, because it was lower than all of those!

The set up is pretty easy, even for me, and I'm dying for Ray to get home so I can run out to the car and make him call me to see how it sounds over the radio. But I can't seem to figure out how to make a voice dial call. You know why? The Iphone doesn't have a voice recognition system in it so you have to download an app!! Did that, but it still doesn't work with the speakerphone so I guess that option is out all together. Anyway, I think I've ignored the hounds and Foyle long enough, they're so bored with me that they all fell asleep even through bouts of cursing. I think I'm done though so I'll let you know how it all works out. Let's see who wants to receive a call tomorrow morning around 6:45 during my commute!